Majstrovsky Trencin in Lige champions against Steaue: Slovan gets an opponent who is a mystery

NYON – While Trencans adore a truly tempting opponent in the front, the Slavic is completely unknown. Slovak football champion AS Trenčín will meet the Romanian Steaua Bucharest in the second leg of the Champions League (LM) 2015/2016.

It was decided on Sunday midday jail in Nyon, the seat of the European Football Union (UEFA).

Žilina), the return will take place on 21 or 22.

The coach of Trenčín knows that a light hurdle is not expected for his retailers in July. “Our task is to prepare Steau responsibly, and it is important that we do not engage in the first domestic measurement, Mathematics is clear in this respect.We will certainly not play at 0: 0, we will go behind the goals. I do not want to make a percentage of progress, but one thing is certain: they must, we want, “ added AS Trenčín coach Martin Ševela.

“We are glad that the first European League Championship was good for us, but the Gibraltar opponent is a great unknown, We are aware that there is a stadium with artificial grass and a capacity of 5000 seats We definitely have to underestimate the fact that the Slovak football team played in the preparatory match with Gibraltar 0: 0 Anyway we are the favorite and the clear goal of Slovan is the advancement to the 2nd round European Championship, “ > General Manager Dušan Tittel said.

FC Sparta Trnava encounters a club from Bosnia and Herzegovina FK Olimpic Sarajevo.The Trnavcans were in the second group among the deployed teams. The first meeting to advance to EL’s second pre-school will take place on July 2 in Sarajevo, rejecting it for a week later on July 9 in Slovakia. “We do not have to worry about the creature, we have to respect the enemy we have received.” FK Olimpic Sarajevo is the current winner of the local cup, it will not be an easy opponent, but playable, a typical Balkan school. We would like to play a good game out there, we will probably take home revenge in Zlaté Moravce, we will always have a chance of 50 to 50, after the first mutual measurement of the forces we will be smarter.Of course we would like to succeed and move on, “ Spartak Juraj Jarabek coached the coach.

MŠK Žilina will meet the players of North Gregoran FC. In the ninth group amongst the teams, the first meeting to advance to the second EL championship will take place July 2 in Belfast, rejecting them for the weekend program on July 9th under Dubňum “We will try our North American rival To get as much information as possible. He is, however, a regular participant in European club competitions, especially the European League. It produces typical island soccer, aggressive, bold, with bangs on the attackers. We have to prepare ourselves for the first duel on the opponent’s ground and get the result so we can handle it.Of course, it is always better to quit the doubles in the home environment, but we do not want to rely on it. In confrontation with FC Belfast, the goal is to advance to the second round of the European League, “ was evaluated by rival sports manager Karol Belaník.