Nadal confronted Federer and did not believe in his own eyes

MADRID – Spain’s tennis teenager Rafael Nadal and euphoria after Sunday’s triumph in the ATP Masters Series final at the home-adventure of Madrid’s enthusiastic tribune did not prevent the triumphant finding that the results of the current season probably hardly repeat itself in 2006.

Dev & auml; tn & CORPORATE sťročn & yacute; the hero of a psychedelic chorus with Croat and aacute by Ivan Ljubicic thinks that he will be playing for this special occasion in which he won the trophy at the Grandslam Roland Garros and the scaron, The Masters in Monte Carle, Riad, Me, Montreal and now in Madrid will be almost impossible and lucrative.(3: 6, 2: 6, 6: 3, 6: 4, 7: 6) (3) meant for the species and eacute of the world and the world of the world. you have one & aacute; you are this year & eacute; and you are totally & eacute; winning at the ATP carousel race in re.

Nadal and Federer are welcome; in front of the bliss, and in the aftermath of a scandal of the Masters triumphs and a total of one tournament in the year 2005, the younger and the younger; & Scaron; Federer in the concerts and yachts will certainly not leapfrog, but now he is a scaron; in the number of passwords and passwords. Duel and Ljubicic were in talks for him; 79thin & iacute; coupling & yacute; (Balance 79:10), Federer m & aacute; two accounts in a row; winners & aacute; less (77: 3). In the repertoire of the Gulf of Mallorca, the genus is also included; Securities FLY first FLY the place. In addition to absolute & uacute; tny “ml & aacute; Dezna & iacute; cky” record legends & aacute; shrink & Scaron; v & eacute; that Mats Wilander in 1983 p & aacute; app has only three R & iacute; Towing & eacute; of & CORPORATE passes.

One of the three tohtosez & oacute; osteolytic overcomers Federer in, and scaron, when according to their own & eacute; ch words put the bar that was high and cope and overcome it will follow and uacute; com in extremely n & aacute; ročn & eacute ;. “Mind & I think that repeating this year will be almost impossible & eacute ;.The new scaron is a little awkward, but without pressure, because this year’s edition was simply incredible. It’s like a giant aacute; zok, který & yacute; hang up at home on the wall so you never forget it. Bud & uacute; but the year I will try for best & scaron; & iacute; tennis, but set up, with the knowledge that the eyesight is two-acre and unconventional, “said spoken and yahoo, Nadal.