Sáblíková decimated for 5 at the “aka” of the opponent, won in 5.74 seconds

Since 2006, Martin Sáblíková has a track of 5000 meters both at the Olympic Games and at the World Championships on individual tracks. Almost ten long years.

And it has ruled this time.

What’s more, her direct competitors in Division A were away from her.At 6: 47.42 it beat 5.74 seconds second Russia Voronin.

The Czech speed skater has continued its 3000 meter victory in Calgary and with the maximum possible number of 200 points dominating the World Cup on long-distance 50 points.

In the final race in Salt Lake City, she competed with the Dutch Irene Schouten, her toughest rival 3000 yards a week ago in Calgary. “Five Schouten can do it, it will be interesting,” she sang in front of the race, but the Dutch lasted shortly to compete with her.

The first round was handled by Czech for 31.3 and 31.7 and Schouten was leaving.In the following three rounds, Czechs showed a machine speed of 32.0, and in others they kept between 32 and 33 seconds.

At the same time, she has increased her lead over the lead time of the Voronin. Soon there was no doubt as to who will be the winner of the five in Salt Lake City.

Under the seven-minute limit, besides the second Russian, they got third Blondin from Canada and fourth German Pechstein forty. On the other hand, Schouten finished fifth.

It was another great redevelopment of the long queen queen’s queen who missed a dramatic plot in the A-Division, which was not the fault of Sáblíková but her rivals.

She achieved her 39th birthday.winning the World Cup, now has 38 individual triumphs and one team. On the 5,000-meter track, which is not so popular in the cup, it has been thirteenth.

Behind the world record 6: 42,46, also coming from the Salt Lake City track, it lags less than five seconds.

“I did not think much about the record, but I had a bit of it in my head. But I knew well that a lot of factors had to come to the world record.Sáblíková said on her website

Sáblíková, with a clenched fist in the air.

The feeling never gets tired.

“By driving the other girls, ice was not much. I tried to get the best five. The first seven to eight rounds were pretty cool, but the last four came a bit of a crisis and I was fighting it. Still, we are at an altitude of 1500 meters, “said a Czech representative of 28 years.

Paradoxically, its winning time was not the fastest time of the day.This was surprising in the B-division of the Netherlands, Kleibeuker, who won her at 6: 45,04. However, since both divisions are being evaluated separately, Kleibeuker could not hit the ranking of the twelve elite women in the A-Division.

It may also be tricky to compare the times of the two rounds. In the B-division, endurance races are often run under different temperature and humidity conditions, when the morning (the start of the biker was at 9.00, four hours before the acoustic) the hall is not so much breathless and the ice is even faster. In the 500-meter men’s race, Pavel Kuliznikov became the first speed skater of the planet, who managed the shortest sprint under 34 seconds.His only five-day world record from Calgary improved by another two hundred to 33.98.

The Magic Border fell. It happened seventeen years after the men first got under 35 seconds.

Karolina Erbanová rolled the 500m women’s best ever place on this track in a new cup. After the 12th and 13th place in Calgary, this time it was eleventh, and 37.75 times improved its maximum from this season, it was 16th more than Calgary.

For victory at 36.56, The Chinese woman, Zhang, has dropped two tenths behind Lee Lee’s world record.

In the B-Division for 5000 meters, Nikola Zdrahalova has improved the personal record on the longest Olympic track from 7:30, 16 to 7:17 and occupied it 19.place.