Spaniards are waiting for a heavy duel, before the US does not lay down weapons

LONDON – Spanish basketball players are expecting a heavyweight duel in the finals of the Olympic tournament against the US, but before the rerun of the OH 2008 final, they do not lay down weapons before.

US Olympic gold fighters fought in the final after winning Argentina 109: 83, Spain defeated Russia in the semifinal 67:59. “The final in 2008 was very dramatic and full of emotions,” said the best Spanish shooter from the Pau Gasol semifinals to the margo final of the OH 2008 in Beijing when the Americans won 118: 107 . “We felt we had an opportunity and we fought all the time, and it is clear to us that it will be difficult this time too, it’s a great opportunity, and we are lucky to have a second chance.

, After which she played 40:47.After a pause, however, Kevin Durant was hit by a troop arc and the US raised the lead by the end of the third quarter to 17 points. “We started well and we were able to respond to the opponent’s point lines,” said Durant. “When you have this set, you just have to shoot and then it goes.”

In the final part, Durango Carmelo Anthony took the three-point fly and after his four exact interventions in a short period of time led the USA to 93:62. “We had an incredible shooting power,” said American coach Mike Krzyzewski. “When players saw that they were doing, they concentrated on it.With the capabilities they all have, their fantastic willingness to cooperate is fantastic to me. It is clear about the character of the players I train. “

Argentina has been the focus of US teams in the last decade. They later dropped them off in the semifinals of the Olympics, and the Americans were rewarding their sopka at the Beijing Semi-Finals. “I’m not saying that it’s impossible to get them down. They are, however, the best team in the world and when they play their game, they usually win, “ argues Argentine coach Julio Lamas.