The Bystricians leave Zvolen with a good debacle: They have scored eight goals!

ZVOLEN – A careful tactical hockey played in the beginning of the game. A well-filled stadium did not see any goal opportunities. From a lethal lethargy, the audience only awakened the activity of the home team in the 11th minute when the Yaloga found in front of the goal of Ľ. Zuzina, who has not resolved himself.

But Kalemba surrendered a couple of seconds after Martin Dalogu made an unfortunate draw from the corner from the corner of the corner – 1: 0. The Bystrians then increased the pace but the chances were not coming. He was able to make a straight in the 17th minute with a two-meter shooter in the right hand, but he did not even hit the puck next to Šimka or even close up.

> The second third was alive. There was more excitement before both gates. First, Zvolenčan Urgas himself went to Kalemba, but he was well shut by the Macháček puck.On the other side, Zigo came in, but he did not score a goal from two meters. Most of the spectators in the stadium were looking forward again in the 27th minute when Ďaloga won the blue puck, rushing himself on the hosts goalkeeper and under the upper hand – 2: 0. In the middle of the game, Puliš was trying to beat the puck for a busy unit between the chips and failed, and three minutes later, Balaj had the same result. The hockey players from Urpina were more likely to attack, but Simko did not solve the dangerous situation. In the 37th minute, Šuplerovci played for the first time the power play and took advantage of it. Obshut shot from blue exactly and raised to 3: 0.Just before the break, Zigo could have reduced his guest but he did not find an effective recipe.

After the horn, the fight broke and referee Kubuš had to punish at the beginning of the third third. As Obshut joined the battlefield, he went out prematurely under the showers, and the Bambouch was traveling there. Zvolencanov’s weakness did not affect even when Juraskko went to the bench for two minutes. Chovan and Brabencom came to the finish line and their combined efforts resulted in a 4-0 goal. The master seemed to have got his wings, the Bystrians pushed the force into the attack and left the holes behind. In the 45th minute, Zuzinovci gained their advantage, Peter concluded with the help of the “baranov”.For 46 seconds, a further two-to-one re-enactment was successful when defending the defender Hraško and closing the game on a terrible 6: 0. Even that was not enough for the guests, and in the 50th minute they also collected seven times from Jakubík’s stick, and the district of the camp was redeemed. At the end of the game, Machacek got a five minute penalty, and then from the power play he increased to the final 8: 0 from the Hrasko circle. HKM Zvolen – HC’05 Banská Bystrica 8-0 (1: 0) 2: 0, 5: 0)
Goals: 11. Martin Ďaloga (L.Zuzin), 27. Martin Ďaloga, , 45. P. Zuzin (46. Hraško (Brabenec, Platil), 50. I. Jakubik (Puliš, V. best betting offers Fekiač), 55. Hraško (Brabenec, Michal Chovan)
Disclaimer: 7 : 8 for 2 min, in addition: 41.DKZ for leaving the crib bench during a fight – 41. Bambouch DKZ for roughness, 55. Macháček 5 + DKZ for a shot, 2: 0, weaknesses: 1: 0, decided by Kubuš – Holienka, Valach, 3547 spectators < >
Elected: M. Šimko – Juraško, Obšut, Pichnarčík, Hraško, Ťavoda, Platil, Pospíšil – Michal Chovan, Brabenec, Puliš – Urgas, P. Zuzin, V. Baláž – Martin Ďaloga, M. Jurík, Ľ. Zuzin – I. Jakubík, Chanky, V. Fekiač

Banská Bystrica: Kalemba – Saracino, Bambúch, Meland, Macháček, Zšiak, Styk – Kafka, , M. Hudec, R. Macik – Lunter, Zigo, Matus Chovan – D. Hegyi, Heizer, Dolnik

Peter Hraško, author of two goals: “It was the first time in Extracted twice.We did not experience such a derby, we did everything we thought, and when we finished our goals, we played well. Even the power plays back, it was betting account offers a super match for us. We said that we had to go more into the gates and bring it to the desired effect. “

< "We did not do anything, in the third third we added other catastrophic mistakes that can not happen. We apologize to the people, hopefully we will be reminded on Sunday with Poprad. We have nothing to do without, in the first third it was the most balanced, we decided fatal mistakes, we certainly need to be more lighted and not to play as a teacher."

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