Twilight of NHL stars. Traditional action is changing into a farce

Even earlier, the striker Jaromir Jagr just did not shake the celebration weekend in the middle of the season. “He never really liked it. It took it as a waste of time. He would rather have a rest for some days, “says his old partner, Martin Straka.

And now? The Panthers of Twitter, Twitter, urged fans not to nominate it to Nashville: “I appreciate your votes, but three to three would kill me. And I still do not want to die. Thanks for understanding. I’m old. “

Your 43-year-old veteran has best betting site offers ended his message with a smiley. It does not exaggerate. And yet it reflects to a large extent the current reputation of a once quite prestigious event. Nobody cares much about it, many players would avoid her tastefully.It is betting account offers more of a laugh, dangerously approaching the sphere of embarrassment.

“I recently spoke with one NHL man and he confirmed that they did not know what to do,” says Straka, the owner of the Škoda Pilsen club. “Watching is falling, more people are looking at Saturday’s skill competition. There was a huge amount of goals in the match. A lot of boys were sorry, they invented reasons to avoid coming. “

The worst part of the ASG

Hockey League tries to resurrect the All Star Game. But they seem to slow, but they are burying unbearably. They retaliated the East vs. West or North America duels against the rest of the world, as the charge had faded from them.Four years ago, they introduced a draft, in which two captains selected their files for Saturday and Sunday fights on Friday.

True, in unusual seasons, it was joking. Cancer Ovechkin, for example, urged last time to be chosen as the last one, for which the car was promised by the sponsor (Russian wanted to pay for charity).

This was the last NHL Star Game. >

At the same time, however, some players on the stage improved their mood by sipping an unknown fluid from the cups on the tables. “We just followed the drinking regime,” they said with a grinning smile. “It was the worst part of ASG,” New York Post wrote.

On the one hand, it turned out how funny they could be Toews, Seguin or Kessel.At the same time, however, it has been confirmed that Star Match degenerates and loses remnants of seriousness. He is becoming a cabaret, a tied drummer who has little to do with hockey.

The Sunday match was mutated in a skateboard skater, in which the opponents showed mutual affection and politely made their way to the goalkeepers. Even the original fins and nice combinations do not get you at the same pace. They also beat inflation of goals. Goalie players look like cashparks.

The result of this year’s Columbia show? Toews’ team – Folign’s team 17:12. Certainly, it is hard to ask the jokers for a jump or a rough crash. They make a living in real NHL battles.The last thing they want is the injury in the show.

In the past, players have often driven at least 90 percent speed. The score mostly did not look like handball. The conclusion of the East and West duel in January 1996 in Boston even offered a real drama that hit 5: 4 at 59:23 and decided to beat Bourque.

“For me, participation in the All Star was an experience,” remembers Straka on January 1999 in Tampa. “I took it as a satisfaction and awards. At that time, participation had a weight. But as the formats began to change and everything mixed, the prestige went down. If they left, they would have done better. “

As a chance for the soprano, the supporters also perceive a vote, from which always a part of the performers will come.Eight years ago, the recesses pushed for the fancy job of a “nameless” worker, Rory Fitzpatrick, who was just behind the prominent Niedermayer-Lidström pair.

Last year, Girgensons, the Latvian center, And so this year he asks his faithful: “Do not send my voices. I have to earn that privilege. “

The jokers have found a new victim. John Scott, two-meter and 120-kilogram lamthales. A bomber, who is rarely fit into the Arizona Coyotes, between Kan, Ovechkin, and other wizards?

understand that NHL is experimenting.He needs to sell his most famous faces and advertising partners. He tries to give his product to the public in the most delicate packaging. But her moves are not yet working.

The latest attempt by Commissioner Bettman and his subordinates is truly revolutionary. In Nashville in two months they will hold a miniturn of four selections of individual divisions. From two matches for 20 minutes, with three skaters on each side, there will be finalists. In the next twenty minutes, they are about to triumph and receive a million dollars. The three-to-three variant, the new NHL used in extensions, frightens Jágra.He feels too aged for All Star, or the half-empty skating rink changes the game.

The number 68 on Twitter was sparked by the former gunner Teemu Selänne: “I sent you a voice, buddy. Still not so many. And you’re a lot smarter than young guys. Keep it going! “

Jagus replied that he would have overcome the Finnish legend:” But if he changes the format to two against two in 2026, I do not really go into it. I’ll be 54. “

The tradition founded in the 1930s by Charity in favor of the seriously injured Bailey Forward or the survivors of tragically deceased players Morenz and Siebert has long been overwhelmed and forgotten. The All Star Game resolutely approached the fans, but she seemed to have lost somewhere along the way.He’s like a dealer, but he’s a little excited.

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